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Spray Foam Insulation Resources

You want to be more educated about spray foam insulation and building science, and we want to help you. We publish new content every week about spray foam and other insulation products. Check out these resources from local experts in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.

Our Newest Resources

Check out the latest resources on spray foam insulation from South Central Services.

Spray Foam Fundamentals

If spray foam insulation is a new concept for you, check out these foundational articles. Learn what spray foam is, how it's made, and all the key terms about spray foam and building science.

Building Science Resources

Insulation is just one factor that influences the comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency of a building. Learn more about how buildings work, from ventilation to air sealing.

Product Comparison Resources

When insulation products are compared side-by-side, how do they stack up? Check out our product comparison articles to learn when you should use which products.

Product Pricing Resources

You want to know how much your insulation is going to cost you. Learn more about the factors of pricing, how project costs are calculated, how to finance your insulation, and what kind of return-on-investment you can expect.

Insulation Product Reviews

What the pros and cons of each insulation option? Which applications are best for batt, blown-in, and spray foam? Learn the benefits and drawbacks of different insulation types.