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Pole Building Insulation

Spray Foam & Blown-In Pole Building Insulation

Pole buildings are an inexpensive construction method. Whether you're building a workshop or a garage, your pole building needs insulation. Insulating with closed cell spray foam is the first step to making the space comfortable and keeping your energy bills manageable.

Pole Building Insulation Options

There are several options for pole building insulation. Our team installs closed cell spray foam, blown-in cellulose, and dense pack. Compare your insulation options below.

Why We Don't Install Fiberglass In Pole Buildings

Fiberglass Is A Poor Choice For Pole Buildings

South Central Services does not install fiberglass batts in pole building wall cavities. Fiberglass insulation is not designed to combat vapor. Over time, as the metal walls condensate, moisture can become trapped in the fiberglass insulation. The fiberglass holds the moisture against the metal, which rusts out the walls.

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A pole building in the process of getting closed cell spray foam on the walls.

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Pole Building Insulation FAQs

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