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Commercial Spray Foam

Invest In Your Commercial Property With Spray Foam Insulation

Improve your commercial property’s efficiency with spray foam insulation from South Central Services! We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our work and spray foam expertise for clients large and small, setting your building up for success with efficiency and comfort.

Why Work With South Central Services

Spray Foam Cart

Commercial spray foam work requires flexibility and accessibility. To meet the needs of any commercial space, South Central Services has a portable commercial rig.


Rig equipment mounted to mobile frame


Connects to electric source on-site


Spray foam components transported separately

Spray Foam Cart

Why Choose Spray Foam Over Fiberglass?

Check out the benefits of spray foam compared to fiberglass insulation.

Higher R-Value

Closed cell spray foam averages R-7 per inch, while fiberglass batt generally maxes at R-21 for wall applications. With only 3 inches, closed cell can meet the best R-value of fiberglass in walls.

Airtight Seal

Closed cell spray foam creates an airtight seal at approximately 1 inch depth. The air permeance of spray foam is significantly lower than fiberglass, which prevents convection and radiant heat transfer.

Vapor Barrier

At approximately 2 inches depth, closed cell spray foam creates a vapor barrier. As spray-applied insulation, the barrier is seamless. Fiberglass only offers vapor retardant facings, which are vulnerable to gaps.

Overcomes Inconsistencies

Build inconsistencies are irrelevant to spray foam. If cavity widths vary for a wall, fiberglass cannot adjust to cavity differences. Closed cell is sprayed to fill the cavity, no matter its dimensions or quirks.

Sample Work

Commercial Spray Foam Examples

Scroll through our commercial insulation work at colleges, medical centers, cold storage, and more.

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